“The Photography of Eight Limbs” at The Martial Arts History Museum

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2.One.Fly Productions Presents:
“The Photography of Eight Limbs” Photos by The Figure of Fighting
The Martial Arts History Museum; Burbank, CA

One Night Only: November 16, 6-9pm

As Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, and all other forms of combat sports grow in mainstream popularity and appeal, it is increasingly compelling for us to gain an understanding of their roots, origins and traditions. Documentary photographer, Jacob Barak Klensin, has spent years developing a project, entitled “The Figure of Fighting,” which takes a uniquely intimate look at the world of competitive fighting. His work looks beyond the action or what many see as violence, and shows the people behind a world foreign to so many. It does so in a way that attempts to speak to all audiences, no matter their relationship to the sports and art forms covered.

Currently, The Figure of Fighting, which was created around the now wildly popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), is heavily focused on Muay Thai, a form of kickboxing native to Thailand. Much in the way that Jacob’s work uniquely straddles the worlds of fine art, documentary, and sports journalism; Muay Thai often finds itself in limbo between traditional martial arts and more modern competition based ring sports. Documenting the art of eight limbs, as Muay Thai is often known, as well as MMA, has brought Jacob around the country and to Thailand itself, where he captured, and trained, the discipline in its most traditional form, and environments. His work has now been shown in solo shows in New York and Philadelphia, and on November 16th, will arrive in Los Angeles for the first time to date.

The Figure of Fighting does not only focus on the subject matter, or how it is captured, but how it is displayed and shared. In New York, shortly after returning from Thailand, Jacob transformed the cities newest, and arguably its most traditional, Muay Thai camp, into an exhibition space. As the work now makes its way to the west coast the location was once again, top priority. Nothing makes us prouder than to announce that on November 16th the Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, California will be hosting The Figure of Fighting’s “Photography of Eight Limbs” as its first ever Muay Thai related event. The Museum, a non-profit organization focuses on the influence that martial arts have had on cultures, histories, and traditions around the world.

As martial arts and combat sports experience one of their most exciting times in recent history, the audience and the level of interests have perhaps reached never before seen heights. As these fight disciplines become a part of a new mainstream, it is important for us to remember the community that they have always been a part of. That is why, “The Photography of Eight Limbs,” which is focused on uniquely displaying Muay Thai, will take place in a location so essential in celebrating the worlds most traditional martial art forms. Join us on the 16th to see artwork displaying the lives behind the beautiful brutality of Muay Thai, to be introduced to a community of those who fight for their lives, and to celebrate their dedication, strength, skill, and heart.

www.Figureoffighting.com                                                                                           www.Martialartsmuseum.com                                                                                                                         www.CompetitiveAce.com

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